Imperial State Electric 26.02.2017 Backstage München

Imperial State Electric

Da waren sie mal wieder: Imperial State Electric aus Schweden (na ja fast) mit neuem Album im Gepäck (All Through The Night) gab es die Möglichkeit die Jungs auf Tour zu erleben. Und Nicke Andersson, Dolf de Borst, Tobias Egge und Tomas Eriksson haben wieder die Rock-Show gebracht, welche ich auch erwartet habe: große Gesten, die Gitarre in der Luft, Windmühle, auf Knien, am Boden und auch einen heftigere Rocker als Dolf das Mikro übernommen hatte (Reptile – hat mir gut gefallen, denn es war irgendwie dreckiger Rock). Wer Rock will bekommt diesen mit Imperial State Electric und Nicke Andersson ist einfach ein Frontmann (nach mehr als 25 Jahre auf Tour…). Also keine wirkliche Überraschung beim Imperial State Electric Konzert im Backstage in München, aber das hatte ich auch nicht erwartet und gut dass ich mich hinbewegt hatte!

Here they are again: Imperial State Electric from (mostly) Sweden. As they just have released a new album (All Through The Night) there is the tour going on and luckily there was a stop in Munich at the Backstage. And what do you expect from Imperial State Electric? Nothing more and less than a good rock-concert and Nicke Andersson, Dolf de Borst, Tobias Egge and Tomas Eriksson delivered. Guitar in the air, windmill, on the knees, on the floor and ROCK. I really liked the dirtier punk rock number when Dolf took the mic. Thanks for coming around and glad that I went there to see Imperial State Electric, next time again.

Factory Brains 26.02.2017 Backstage München

Factory Brains

Mal wieder kommt der Rock aus Schweden, als Vorband zu Imperial State Electric gab es die Factory Brains. Auch diese Schweden sind im Rock beheimatet und live hat mir das im Backstage in München ganz gut gefallen, was Factory Brains gezeigt haben.

And again Rock comes out of Sweden! The opener for Imperial State Electric has been Factory Brains. These Swedish guys are based in Rock as well and hey I liked what the Factory Brains were doing at the Backstage in Munich.

At The Drive-In news

this is not what I normally do, but hey there are some (hopefully) good news:

At The Drive-In are back

A new record should be out on 5th of May 2017 on Rise Records with the name: in•ter a•li•a
and news get even better, they are planning to play live!

23rd of August in Munich (Zenith) will be the place to be to see Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Paul Hinojos, Tony Hajjar and Keeley Davis.

Beach Slang 10.02.2017 Strom München

Beach Slangs

Endlich wieder in München am Start: Beach Slang aus USA. War deren Auftritt letztes Jahr für mich mit der Konzert-Highlight 2016 waren meine Erwartungen natürlich dementsprechend hoch. Im Strom konnten Beach Slang mal wieder voll überzeugen, live sind die einfach eine klasse Band (und auf Platte gefallen sie mir auch). In der Band gab es zwei Umbesetzungen und somit waren beim München Beach Slang Konzert Aurore Ounjian, Cully Symington, Ed McNulty und James Alex auf der Bühne. James Alex lebt den Frontmann und die Mischung aus guten Liedern, Geschwätz und dummen Sprüchen macht einfach Laune und mit Glück dann auch ein Beach Slang James Alex Interview hier bei Rock The Cam.

Finally they came back to Munich: Beach Slang from USA. Their gig last year was one of my concert highlight 2016 and with this expectation I went to see them again. This time at Strom and with a little change in the group’s lineup. In Munich on stage was Ed McNulty, Aurore Ounjian, James Alex plus Cully Symington and hey, they did it again: great songs, funny stupid talking in-between, involvement of the audience paaaartyyyyy! Enjoy the Beach Slang pictures from Munich and waiting to get the James Alex interview ready for you!

Beach Slang 10.02.2017 poster Strom München

Siebdruck Poster zum Beach Slang gig in München / Strom

Hier ein Foto von dem echt schönen Siebdruck-Konzertposter von Beach Slang zu Ihrem Auftritt in München im Strom.
Davon hat Senor Burns 60 Stück handgefertigt und auf dem Konzert verkauft. Vielleicht findet ihr ja noch ein Exemplar auf seiner Seite (auf der es noch ganz viele andere schöne Dinge gibt)! Einfach den nimm mich zu Senor Burns Link hier anklicken und los.
Und mit dem Link kommst du zu den Konzertfotos vom Beach Slang Gig in München.

Beach Slang show poster 2017

Here is a photo of the handmade poster to the Beach Slang show in Munich at Strom 2017. Senor Burns sold them during this event and if you want one, perhaps try his shop.
And with this link you get to the Beach Slang concert pictures from Munich on Rock The Cam.

Deadnotes 10.02.2017 Strom München

The Deadnotes

Los geht es 2017!!!!!
Aus Freiburg kommen, Darius, Jakob und Yannic, im Dreierpack nennen sich die Jungs The Deadnotes und als eben diese durften sie in München vor Beach Slang auf die Bühne.
Konnte sich sehen und auch gut hören lassen. Also selbst bezeichnen The Deadnotes Ihre Musik als Punk/Indie und das kommt auch hin. Viel Spaß mit den Bildern und bald auch ein Interview mit The Deadnotes.

Finally my first gig in 2017!
Hello big music world, here are concert pictures from a German band from Freiburg: The Deadnotes. OK the name is not really typically German, but hey. The Deadnotes have been the lucky opener for the Beach Slang show in Munich at Strom. On their page (if you find the right one, cause there is another band with almost the same name) they describe their sound as Punk/Indie and that is what Yannic, Darius and Jakob played, enjoy the Deadnotes concert pictures and soon the interview.

Shut Up! Twist Again! 23.10.2016 interview

Interview time with Shut Up! Twist Again!

I was able to see these French guys playing in Munich and here is the follow up interview with Shut Up! Twist Again!

Lucas from Shut Up! Twist Again! Johnny from Shut Up! Twist Again!

RTC: Who are you guys, please introduce each band member one by one. Name, job in the band, shoe size, why the hot chicks should choose you and not him or whatever
Jerome: Hallo!
I’m Jerome, I’m 28 years old, I play the guitar and I sing. Lucas is 22 and plays the drums and vocals. Johnny is 26 plays the guitar and vocals. Thomas is 25 plays the bass and vocals.

RTC: Since when is Shut up! Twist again! around?
Jerome : We started the band during the end of 2013 and we made our first tour during the next summer in 2014

RTC: You are coming from?
Jerome : We are from the Basque Country, we don’t live in the same cities we are between Bayonne and Hendaye (you can check on internet it’s beautiful) but 5 years ago I moved to Bordeaux.

RTC: Do you surf?
Jerome : No, I tried during 2 weeks but I stopped, I am too lazy to spend my time waiting for good waves. But I have a good level in Ski cause the mountains are not so far from our house (less than 1 hour)
Lucas : I used to do it a couple of weeks when I was 14 but I was not so good at it (and my fuckin cousin’s broke my surfboard, so I quit !)
Thomas : No, I always preferred eat a tasty ice cream near the beach!
Johnny : I started young in my city’s club but I’ve quickly joined Thomas near the beach.

RTC: What is the place to be in your hometown?
Jerome : Bayonne.

RTC: And when you are not on tour, which is the best bar/restaurant where you hang?
Jerome : I go in a lot of spots in my hometown but if you are in Bayonne you have lots of chance to see me in a bar called “San Nicolas” or I in an associative bar with friends called “Pena Sale El Sol”.
Lucas : I guess a good beer in front of my hometown’s beach fits perfectly for me !
Thomas : Before, I was all time in the „Kanttu“ Basque bar situated in Hendaye, there was a lot of good concerts and amazing people there. Unfortunately, this place is now closed like many others… So now I drink at home, with my friends obviously!
Johnny : I was often in the „Kanttu“ too… now I go to eat some tapas and grab a beer in the harbor of Hondarribia in Spain.

RTC: Good concert places from where you are from?
Jerome : Unfortunately, lot of places closed during the last 5 years, there are some places still open but it depends on the teams doing the gig.

RTC: Where can I get your record (on vinyl) in your hometown?
Jerome : Some labels have our vinyl but for the most important part we have our merch on bandcamp or with us on our gigs of course!

Jerome from Shut Up! Twist Again! Thomas from Shut Up! Twist Again!

RTC: What was your first record you bought?
Jerome : The Offspring – Americana
Lucas : Limp Bizkit – Greatest Hitz
Thomas : Shakira – Laundry Service
Johnny : Nirvana – Nevermind

RTC: And the last one?
Jerome : Against me – Shape shift with me
Lucas : Hot Mass – Nervous Tensions
Thomas : PUP – The Dream is Over
Johnny : Downtown Struts – Victoria

RTC: How many records/ singles does Shut up! Twist again! have released?
Jerome : We have two albums you can listen here :

RTC: Can you make a living out of your music?
Jerome : Of course not, it’s not the goal and nearly impossible when you play alternative music.

RTC: What do you do to earn the money for life?
Jerome : We all have jobs beside

RTC: Does it work out with your “Pay What You Want” at the merch desk?
Jerome: Yes, we are not professional sellers, the merch is a way to help the band and most part of people understand that. That’s why people can fix their own price and decide how much they can give

RTC: What is the average that people pay for the vinyl?
Jerome : I don’t know but it’s around 10 euros

RTC: Highest price paid?
Jerome : Maybe 40 euros! It’s rare of course but sometimes people give us money and they say take it, it’s not for vinyls, use it for recording, gasoline, etc.

RTC: Here is some place for that fucker who did not pay anything but took your stuff:
Jerome : This doesn’t happen a lot, but in fact when it’s under the cost price we refuse to sell or it depends on the guys. If it’s a kid and he enjoyed the gig and before going I can give a cd for example. But “pay what you want” it means you have an idea about the costs of making a vinyl or a t-shirt. If you have money you give more if you want, if you don’t have you can give but you can’t give something disrespectful for example under 4/5 euros for a vinyl.

RTC: How many days a year are you on the road?
Jerome : For the two last years, we played around 200 gigs…

RTC: What is the main difference between playing in France and Germany?
Jerome : There is not a lot of difference cause inside each country there are differences. Some places are more rock than others. The scenes are very close cause the same bands tour in France or Germany. I can’t tell you a main difference.

RTC: Beer or wine?
Jerome : Whatever the answer it could be tasty to drink!

RTC: When travelling on a tour, you have your own van?
Jerome : Yep it’s kind of obligation, when you have your own van you can play everywhere and everytime you can. When you are often on tour, it’s less expensive than renting.

RTC: How many are you on tour?
Jerome : It depends the minimum is 4, we made a tour with 8 people until Russia and 9 in Spain and Portugal. But often we are 5, we take Chuck our best roadie/photograph/merchguy with us.

RTC: What was the best thing while this time in Germany (OK you met me, but I asked for the BEST thing!)
Jerome : Playing 2 gigs with The Dictators in front of a lot of people I think it’s a pretty cool thing (just after meeting you of course!)

RTC: How did you come to play with the Dictators NYC?
Jerome : Stefan from M.U.F.T help us a lot, he’s a very nice guy!

RTC: Could/ can you learn anything from them?
Jerome : Not really, but it was fun to drink some beers with “legends” and chatting together about lot of things.

RTC: Any tip/ help for other bands on tour from you guys (what can they learn from you)?
Jerome : Not really, do your best to find places and go on! Even bad luck happen is still fun!

RTC: What made you start making music?
Jerome : I don’t remember, my parents listen a lot of music (rock music of course!) since I was a child I’ve this influence, I started to learn guitar when I was 4/5 years old.
Lucas: My parents pushed me to choose an instrument and take lessons when I was 7
Thomas : At that time I knew Johnny, he already played guitar and we started to play together in a garage of a friend who was drummer.
Johnny : I started to play accordion when I was 10 years old cause my parents are portuguese… hahaha after some years my father finally understood I’ll never be the new one „Joaquim de Magalhães Fernandes Barreiros“ (Quim Barreiros) then he bought my first guitar!

RTC: Which bands did influence you?
Jerome : Lot of bands like Against me!, Dead to me, PUP, Title Fight…..

RTC: What about French bands?
(my French band knowledge is quite bad, I know Ludwig von 88, Berurier Noir, The Hatepinks, La Flingue, Jean Michel Jarre, Mireille Mathieu, Les Thugs and Shut Up! Twist Again!, haha)
Jerome : Whoa very different things you know! We have a pretty strong DIY scene in France, in fact there is less people coming to the show but the numbers of cool bands increase ahaha. This is a list : Guerilla Poubelle, Sport, Quitters, Intenable, Totorro, Heavy Heart, Not Scientists, Justin(e), The Traders, RAVI, Monarch!, Wank For Peace, Birds in row…

RTC: Why should more people listen to Shut Up! Twist Again! ?
Jerome : Kind of mathematics when you played a lot, you meet a lot of people no? By the way when you make the thing honestly people see it, that’s why the alternative scene is very attractive for me. The guys drive all the day to make a gig, take a drink and speak about things just for spend time together. Sometimes, music is in the background is not the most important.

RTC: What was your first show?
Jerome : For the first show we played with The Decline! and Burning Lady (2 French bands famous maybe you know cause they play often in Germany) it was cool for a first time. And like every first time not the best but it was not catastrophic too.

Lucas from Shut Up! Twist Again!

RTC: (for each of you) Imagine you are God and you are able to set up a festival of your choice, name me the five headliners (even dead people or dissolved bands):
Jerome : Obviously we are all agreed to choose, Bruce Springsteen, The Pogues, Rage against the machine, The Who, Queen, Nirvana, The Clash and if I’m god I can add one more : The Ramones!

RTC: Before giving a highly intelligence statement to my readers, one more question, How would your mother describes your music to her neighbors?
Jerome : Good question. I think she says punk rock but she adds “they are nice guys”.
Lucas : I think she speaks more about the fact that I spend a lot of time in other countries than specific style of music we make.
Thomas : My mom is a fan of the band! I guess she says: „my son has a band, he plays guitar and he’s a rock star!“.
Johnny : I think she describes our music sound like Johnny Hallyday but a bit louder!

So thank you dear reading for taking your time, now go and listen to them and when Shut Up! Twist Again! are coming around, try to catch them live, they are worth it!