Dover 08.02.2009 Backstage München


Die Musik bei Dover hat sich schon ein wenig geändert, hin zum Pop mit Elektrospielereien, doch live tut dies kein Abbruch, OK für meinen Geschmack sind die alten Songs als pure Rocknummern schon eine Spur besser. Aber was die Llanos Schwestern und mit-Dover-Jungs im Backstage zu München zeigten, passte zu dem Spruch von Cristina (Sängerin): I swear to god, this is what we live for, to play for you guys! Einfach eine überzeugende Liveband und hier die Bilder vom spanischen Dover.

After 5 years Dover were back in Germany. The show took place at the Backstage in Munich and the Llanos sisters plus their rhythm section played a tight set. There is more pop in the music and the electro sound makes all songs more groovy, although I prefer the old material as straight rock songs. Good to have them back and enjoy the Dover Munich photos.

3 comments to Dover 08.02.2009 Backstage München

  • Ali A Schumaker

    Dover are one of my favourite bands, nice to see them on your page ;-)


  • Cevallos

    Dover are a great band.


  • vico ding

    Generally I do not read article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up and pictures forced me to check out my old records!
    Hey and Dover did some amazing tunes. Thanks, very much.

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