Rocket From The Tombs 15.01.2013 Interview David Thomas

It was not so easy to get some answers out of David Thomas, at the Rocket From The Tombs tour he was unfortunately ill so thanks to the new world, we did the interview via eMail. Being engaged with Pere Ubu (new record out called The Lady From Shanghai) and this “reunion tour” with RFTT, he is a busy man and it seems he is not the man talking too much, which is alright, let the music do the talk. Here is my communication with David:

David Thomas from Rocket From The Tombs

RTC: How do you feel to be on tour with a band which “was” years ago (it is a bit like history meets present)?
DT: I don’t have any feelings about it.

RTC: We are all not getting younger, what still drives you to go on tour and play live?
DT: It’s what I do.

RTC: Do you now reap the fruit of old labor with RFTT?
DT: This question leaves me speechless.

RTC: You had to go to hospital because of blood poison, how did this happen (and by the way thanks for getting back on tour)?
DT: How it happened is not really your business.
– fair deal, it was worth a try –

RTC: What made you start playing music?
DT: I can’t remember.
– now it gets interesting –

RTC: If not being a musician, what would you be?
DT:I don’t answer these sorts of hypothetical questions.

– lots of questions, lots of answers, unfortunately all the same, but hey that’s like it is –
RTC: Best song in which you were involved?
RTC: The song (out there) you wished to have written?
RTC: Imagine you are god and you are able to set up a festival of your
choice (even dead people or dissolved bands), name me the five headliners:
DT: I don’t make lists.

RTC: Will there be another RFTT album in the future (already songs written)?
DT: Yes.

David Thomas from RFTT

With this last yes, the interview is over. Here are the pictures of the Rocket From The Tombs show and hopefully I see David Thomas again on stage with Pere Ubu or RFTT.

3 Antworten auf „Rocket From The Tombs 15.01.2013 Interview David Thomas“

David is a strange person, but this makes his music so interesting. Not this bullshit casting stuff which is trying to take over.
Many thanks!

Pere Pere

Ahhh, did you see the Pere Ubu show? If yes, where are the pictures.
David Thomas is just great!!!!


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