Frank Turner 01.12.2011 interview part two

Welcome back, here we are with the second part of the Frank Turner interview made during his European tour 2011 at the Backstage in Munich!
If you did not catch the first part here it is!

Frank Turner smiling for you

European Crises and Frank

RTC: Now it gets really intellectual, how does the EU crises affects you as a person / musician?

FT: On a boring business level, it depends on what will happen in Europe – will make a difference to touring, short time – long time. You have to pay attention to it.
On a personal level, the way the democratic government in Greece and Italy has been kind of replaced by technocrats is pretty worrying because I am a fan of democracy as a concept. On a philosophical level I find it uncomfortable, but it is something that at this stage everybody can have as many opinions about miserable life like they want to, but it does not make that much difference to what actually happens in the short run. (sits thinking)

RTC: OK, as you have a bachelor in European history, will the European Union survive this? Which risks or opportunities you see?

FT: To speak from a historical point of view the last 60 years of peace in Europe are pretty remarkable, in the long view of European history it is been a long time we did not went through a war, I would say this is a good thing. If one was looking at long time historical trends one could perhaps get a bit nervous about the fact that we haven’t had a war for 60 years. I do think that the single currency probably won’t survive, at the end of the day it has just to do with economy, it is not an optimal currency area and it doesn’t really work out to have all these countries with the same currency. I hope that Europe survives in peace and prosperity and with free trade, but you never know. It is an interesting time to live in.

Songs and children

RTC: Back to easy questions, best song in which you were involved?

FT: I find it difficult to pick individual songs because for me it is like choosing between children, you are not supposed to do it!

RTC: Do you have children?

FT: No I don’t have children.

RTC: (now I smile) or do you just don’t know about the children?

FT: (laughs out) I don’t know that I have children, (smiles) I am pretty sure that I don’t have children.

RTC: In August I saw you at the Festa di Radio onda d’urta in Italy and some girls were running looking strange from your backstage area (chees)….

FT: hey that wasn’t nine months ago (damn right he is – this was a 1:0)
At the moment there is a song on the new record –England Keep My Bones- called “Redemption” that I am very very proud of, it took me a long time to write that song and to get it right, so yeah for giving you an answer, maybe that one.

RTC: Best song which you would like to have written?

FT: You know right now this is a weird answer, do you know the Weakerthans the Canadian indie band? Their singer John K. Samson just did a solo record which is not actually out yet but he gave me a copy of it and there is a song on this album called “Heart Of The Continent” that I have been listening on repeat for about three weeks, I can’t stop listening to that song, it is so very very good.

RTC: You still remember your first record you bought?

FT: It was Killers by Iron Maiden, technically speaking it was my dad who bought it for me, but I was the driving force behind it (smiles)

RTC: And the last one?

FT: The last record I bought, hold on, wait a minute, now I really want to answer this question. (thoughtful face – relief) Oh yes it was from Josh T. Pearson called “The Last Of The Country Gentlemen”, he is a singer/songwriter from USA, it is the most utterly, utterly dark and depressing record I have heard in my whole life. It is stunningly depressing, it is really good. It is a powerful record and you need to be in the right place for it. It is basically a concept album about how he got married when he was in love with his wife’s best friend. “Women, when I’ve raised hell” is one of the songs, so depressing and he sings it so raw and with lots of blackness.

The HC plus festival questions

RTC: Imagine you are god and you are able to set up a festival of your choice (even dead people or dissolved bands), name the five headliners?

FT: Let me think about it.
1) Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band
2) The Band
3) The Weakerthans
4) Black Flag 1981 (5-piece)
5) Radiohead 1999

RTC: Last one from my friend Sasch, when will you be back with the new HC project and what is there to expect?

FT: A lot hopefully (laughs), the problem is the time. We will be rehearsing in January and hopefully touring in summer. The name is not yet fixed!

After some cheers and handshakes – of I went. To get this to an end, the show was great and here are the Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls concert pictures from the gig at the Backstage in Munich. Thanks for reading.

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

This is the second part of the interview with Frank Turner, click this link if you missed the first part of it.

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Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google looking for Frank Turner stuff, and found that it’s truly informative.
Nice interview and some not typical music questions, I like it.

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