Monster Bash 03.05.2014 München Poster

Monster Bash Poster
In München in der Stadt unterwegs gewesen und das Poster entdeckt:

Monster Bash 2014 München

Line Up news:

NOFX * Ignite * Boysetsfire * Madball * Alkaline Trio * Slime * Ryker’s * Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine * The Lawrence Arms * Itchy Poopzkid * Bayside * Atlas Losing Grip * The Wonder Years * The Menzingers * Red City Radio * Aelement * I Am The Avalanche * Love Zombies * Risk It! * Smile And Burn * Blackout Problems

I was around in Munich city and finally found a Monster Bash 2014 poster and here is the picture for you!

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