Nick Oliveri Death Electric 25.02.2018 Backstage München

Nick Oliveri Death Electric

Vor The Dwarves durfte Nick Oliveri und seine Death Electric ran. Live im Backstage in München. Besagter Herr hat ja schon so etwas Musikgeschichte (in gewissen Kreisen) geschrieben und dann gab es die Nick Oliveri live show. Hat gut gerockt und auch Kyuss Hits wie Green Machine gab es im Programm.

Nick Oliveri and Death Electric were playing before The Dwarves entered the stage in Munich at the Backstage. Nick Oliveri is quite known in certain circles and so the show did include as well for example the Kyuess hit Green Machine.
Nick Oliveri on stage, what can I write? He knows how to (stoner) rock!

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