Off With Their Heads 13.10.2011 Feierwerk München

Off With Their Heads

Zum Samiam Konzert gab es Off With Their Heads mit dazu. Diese kommen aus Minneapolis, Minnesota und spielten Punk Rock. Off With Their Heads sind Ryan Young, Justin Francis und Robbie Swartwood. Soviel ich weiss gibt es von Off With Their Heads zwei LPs, 1x From The Bottom und 1x In Desolation.

It was Samiam playing and Off With Their Heads had the chance to perform as opener – and they used it! Off with Their Heads are coming from Minneapolis, Minnesota -USA and are Justin Francis, Ryan Young and Robbie Swartwood.

1 comment to Off With Their Heads 13.10.2011 Feierwerk München

  • Steve Free

    OFF WITH THEIR HEADS are cool.
    Minus for you: the photos could be better
    Plus for you: To see and read sth about OWTH is always great!

    catch me, cause I’m
    Steve Free

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