Puta Madre Brothers 08.03.2011 Interview Renzo

Who knows about the Puta Madre Brothers? I didn’t until today when I went to see them live and afterwards I got hold of Renato Vacirca (Renzo) or Chocolate (that’s what he called himself at the moment I have asked him), seems to get a good silly interview, great. Three crazy ones from Australia playing a quite interesting music style with lots of Mexican influences, too much ozone…
What is written on the flyer and on the 7″ vinyl single? Three men – no mission!

Puta Madre Brothers

RTC: Who are you and what is your job in the band?
CHOCO: I am Chocolate from the Puta Madre Brothers and my job is singing and playing guitar and drums.
RTC: Is this your first tour in Europe?
CHOCO: Yes, we played France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
RTC: And how is it going?
CHOCO: Beyond!
RTC: Do you speak Spanish?
CHOCO: Yes in my own special way! With every drink it gets better.
RTC: Why this Mexican style?
CHOCO: Which Mexican style?
Good one back!
RTC: If you take the groupies, do you show them the “down under man” or the “Mexican Mariachi”?
CHOCO: The down under Mariachi.
RTC: What made you start making music?
CHOCO: My mother gave birth to me, the heartbeat. I heard it in the womb.
RTC: Let me know more about your mother, how does she describe your music of Puta Madre Brothers to her neighbours?
CHOCO: My son is the most fantastic boy in the world and his music is pure gold.
RTC: Can you live of your music?
CHOCO: No, we beg, we borrow and we steal.
RTC: Imagine you are god and you are able to set up a festival of your choice, name me the five headliners (even dead people or dissolved bands)?
CHOCO: – Ritchie Valens
– The Trechiotimie Choir
– Kylie, Michael + Elvis suspended in the air
-A lot of Japanese noise
– and some new cakes
RTC: Thanks and for saying goodbye do you have a message to the world out there?
CHOCO: Our music is massage (or message hehehe)
RTC: With happy finish?
CHOCO: Yeah!
RTC: Goodbye, have a good ongoing tour and here are the pictures of the Puta Madre Brothers show.

Puta Madre Brothers, Renzo is the one with Rock The Cam on his face

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Thank you, Your website is very nice. I follow the Web site from Australia and I Like The Puta Madre Brothers.

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