Steve Adamyk Band 26.04.2012 Interview

Today I had the chance to do an interview with Steve Adamyk from the Steve Adamyk Band. Steve is 31 years old, married, Canadian and out there in the world of Punk Rock.

Steve Adamyk Steve Adamyk Band interview picture

Fun & simple – puppet master without groupies.

RTC: Hi Steve, right now you are on tour with a band called Steve Adamyk Band. Tell me, why the world should hear more about you/them?

SA: Because we play music that is fun and simple, as barebones as you can get.

RTC: Are you the dictator / puppet master in the band, what about the others?

SA: When it comes to songwriting, I am the puppet master to some degree, I write everything and they are my songs. But when it comes to how the band operates, we operate as a band, everyone has a decision.

RTC: What about the groupies, do you have the first… (getting interrupted)

SA: I’m married now since last year, so no groupies this time, but in the past – not really to be honest (smiles)

RTC: What is the difference between Steve Adamyk and the Steve Adamyk Band?

SA: The whole thing started as just a project, it was never supposed to be a band that was playing live. My old band broke up and I had these songs still out on the plan. I had no one else to play with cause all my friends joined other bands and everybody was too busy so I asked my friends Dave (Canell?) and Dave (Williams?) to help me out in the studio with a few songs. And then it was actually Dave Williams’ idea, he said to me: Hey why don’t we play some shows live? I said OK. That’s the reason why I called it just my name because it wasn’t a band, it was supposed to be a project with a record or two, just for fun.

Adamyk, what a mix

RTC: Where does your name come from?

SA: Adamyk is Polish.

RTC: Are you into Polish?

SA: No, it is my grandmother’s name; I am actually ½ Polish and ½ Dutch.

Some historic milestones

RTC: What other bands were you in or are you in right now?

SA: I was in a band called Million Dollar Marxists that toured Europe. Then I was in Sedatives. The only band I am in right now is Steve Adamyk Band and Uranium Comeback (there is just a 10” out on P. Trash)

RTC: What made you start making music?

SA: Listening to too much Metallica when I was 10 years old. I used to play their songs before I knew how to play guitar, I set in front of the stereo and just drummed.

Money and business

RTC: Can you make a living from your music?

SA: I think this is not realistic this day and age. I think it is supposed to be a hobby that maybe sometimes you get some money but you can’t have that on mind. It is supposed to be a balance between playing live and having fun and working the day job.

RTC: What is your day job?

SA: Paralegal (Lawyer assistant) in an office, it is not a very Punk job at all (big laugh out)

About songs and Punk Rock

RTC: What was the best song in which you were involved?

SA: Hard to say. I would say “Not For Long” is my favored. It is the one I am most proud of, it is on the first LP.

RTC: And which is the song you wished to have written?

SA: Ohhhh, maybe let’s go with “I Don’t Mind” by the Buzzcocks.

RTC: Is Steve Adamyk Band Punk Rock?

SA: Yes!

RTC: Tell me your definition of Punk Rock?

SA: It’s a frame of mind and attitude how music is created. I always make a point of telling people -that because my band is just my name and people don’t know what kind of stall our music is – our music is Punk. We have Punk ideology, not just by how the music sounds but as well how we record things. Even if I don’t write a lot of critical lyrics, we think and act like Punks.

RTC: How do your parents describe your music to their neighbors?

SA: They are very supportive and love my music. The always say that I should try to sell my stuff to TV shows cause it sounds like my songs should be in a movie.

We never really toured in North America

RTC: What is the difference between touring in North America and Europe?

SA: The difference is that we never really toured in North America (haha). When we play shows, we usually play one or two shows here and there in Canada or in the USA. The reception is good but I find that people are more receptive and friendlier in Europe and it is easier to come here cause our 1st records are on European labels, no one really knows who we are in the US (uhmmm)

RTC: What do like better on this side of the ocean?

SA: It is the lifestyle; everyone seems to be more laid-back, not so stressed. I am sure it is there, but on the surface it doesn’t seem like things are stressful. Everyone is friendly, in US or Canada everybody goes Urghh – who are you? And here everybody goes Nice to meet you, do you wanne hang out, do you wanne play Fußball. It is really fun!

Labels and vinyl

RTC: How do you pick your labels (Taken By Surprise / P.Trash….)
SA: They are all labels by coincident I have records from other bands on. If I am a fan of the label and of the people who run it, I have no problem.

RTC: What do you expect from a label?

SA: Very little. Put out the record (hehehe). It is always nice when labels do some promotion or help you by getting contacts but I think it is more the band’s responsibility most of the time. We are expecting to put out the record as long as it comes in a jacket (another laughter)

RTC: Do you get some money or do you say when it goes even for you and the label it is fine?

SA: Pretty much yeah and it hasn’t gone even beyond that yet. Who knows…

RTC: Do you still remember your 1st record you bought?

SA: Ja, but it is a bit embarrassing.
(After a little punching in the stomach here is the answer)
Ugly Kid Joe – America Least Wanted

RTC: And the last one?
(After getting back on his feet again)

SA: An album by a band from Canada called The Ketamines.

RTC: Are you a record collector?

SA: Big time!

RTC: How do you sort your records?

SA: Very good question. Like the guy in High Fidelity. I categorize them chronologically but not in order of when they were release but in order when I bought them. My recent records are at the beginning; my old ones are at the end, so if I want to find a record I think about when I bought it.

RTC: Do you mix 7”, 10” with 12” and LPs?

SA: No no, separate! I have a lot more 7” singles; I am a big 7” collector. For me I really like to look at them and pick them up.

RTC: Do you care about 1st press or color varieties?

SA: I think it is fun sometimes, but would never pay too much money for it. If I want a record I am just gonne buy it, whatever record I could get, but if I happen to see there is a limited one and I could get it, then I will do it. It is fun but not required.

The last one

RTC: Imagine you are god and you are able to set up a festival of your choice (even dead people or dissolved bands), name me the 5 headliners:

SA: Metallica only 1983-1987
Ramones 1979
Replacements 1985
Descendents 1982
Devil Dogs 1994

Foto von Steve Adamyk

And so it was at the garden in front of the Kafe Kult in Munich. A little while later Steve Adamyk Band took the stage and on went the show, pictures from the gig are here.

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