Make Do And Mend 14.08.2011 Interview James Carroll

Make Do And Mend is a band from Boston / USA. They have two singles out (We’re All Just Living + Bodies of Water) and an album (on Paper + Plastick and in Europe on Shield Recordings) called End Measured Mile. Make Do And Mend is James Carroll (guitar / vocals), Mike Poulin (bass), Mike O’Toole (guitar) and Matt Carroll (drums). I was able to catch them live in Munich and another time in Brescia (Italy) on their first European Tour (together with Hot Water Music). At the Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto in Brescia I got hold of James to do an interview.

Make Do And Mend - James

While he was unpacking the merchandise (funny thing, while MDAM played their gig, the merch stand and about 70 Euro cash laid unattended there and nobody took a chance – is that the unity of a scene?) I did my interview, which did begin interesting, cause James ensured me that he still remembered me from Munich, which made me think a lot – why? (I took some pix but was not the only one, I followed the show but so did some other ones – guess it must be my perfect smile!) James was surprised and as well very proud that the album End Measured Mile got quite popular. He did not count on this and even told people before that he expected lots out there to dislike it. In his words: „it was a nice surprise“. In his opinion it is sort of a natural progression, Make Do And Mend tries the best they can in everything that they record and in what they write. They always try to keep on moving forward and moving upwards in writing songs. „So hopefully it is the best we have written so far and hopefully when we write another one, that will be the best we then have written so far“. By asking for his opinion about the best song James replied: „I don’t think I can pick a best song, we like all of our songs pretty well and when we write songs, especially when we write for a record, we are trying to write a whole record more than we are trying to write one song, it is one of the things where each song complements the whole“. We talked about good songs and James told me something interesting: „I was talking earlier with Mike (bass player) about certain songs, why we didn’t write that song and somebody else came up with it. One of the first songs I felt this way about was Remedy by Hot Water Music, I heard this song and to me that is what a song is supposed to sound like, that is what music is supposed to sound like. And now we start with the typical Rock The Cam questions.
RTC: how do your parents describe your music to their neighbors?
James: Good one, I think they call it Rock, Hard Rock, my parents are very funny, they are always telling me how they tell their friends about the band and are spreading our name in the mum and dad crowd.
RTC: what was your first and last record you bought?
James: 1st one was Crazy, sexy, cool by TLC, the last one uhhh I don’t know for sure. A record I was listening recently a lot is the newest record by a band called Sharks from the United Kingdom. It has all the songs that they have written from when they formed until last year. I have it in my car and before we left on tour I listened to it a lot, I really like it.
RTC: do you have a favorite book and if so, let me know why?
James: I do have a few favorite books and it is tough to make a call on this. I pick for now The Outsiders by Se Hidden. As a kid I have read this book and it was on of the 1st that got me really interested in reading. It is a story in the 1950s and in this time in the United States there was a group called the Greasers and they were kids who were just sort of offbeat and they didn’t fit in with the normal crowd. A lot of Psychobilly and Punk came from that and when I read it, I thought that’s cool, that’s what I wanne be.
RTC: did you succeed?
James: I don’t know if I am that cool (hahaha). I do not really fit in well with the in-crowd, but it is something I have certainly striffen for.
Changing the topic James told me that he likes his first time in Europe, that everybody has been really kind and the shows have been great so far and that Make Do And Mend are having a very nice time. While asking how a „normal“ day on tour looks like I got following response: It is different on this tour because we have a driver, we play the show and then hang out after it for a long time. Then we just fall asleep in the van, drive and wake up the next morning at the new venue. It leaves us lots of time for hanging out but not so many time for sightseeing. Not so much like I would like to, we can walk around the general area where the venues are but depending on this, not so much of the sight sides. In Munich we took some time after getting to the venue to drive to Dachau to see the concentration camp – the museum, which was really really interesting. That was something that we really wanted to see, so we took some time to do that. Yes, sometimes we can make it to do some sightseeing.
There was not much time left before Make Do And Mend were about to start their set at the Festival so the Rock The Cam classic question (Imagine you are god and you are able to set up a festival of your choice – even dead people or dissolved bands – name me the 5 headliners) was answered by James like that:
1: Lucero
2: James Taylor
3: AFI (but they are only allowed to play old songs)
4: Jimmy Eat World
5: Tragedy

Make Do And Mend - James Carroll

Thanks James, play me a nice set, try to do some cool posing so that I am able to take some good pictures of Make Do And Mend live in Italy – good bye.

Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine 27.08.2009 Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto Brescia The Audacity Of Hype

Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine

Ich glaube es immer noch nicht, ich durfte DK Hits wie „California über alles“ von Jello Biafra gesungen, live miterleben! Ein glücklicher Zufall brachte mich nach Brescia (Italien) auf das Festa di Radio Onda d’Urto. Dort spielten Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine. Deren Lieder kannte ich noch nicht (die Platte namens The Audacity of Hype kommt erst noch raus), aber live klang es wie ein Mix aus LARD und Dead Kennedys. Den Sound machten Jan Weiss (Schlagzeug), dessen Bruder Andrew Weiss (Bass), Kimo Ball (Gitarre) und Ralph Spight (Gitarre). Und dazu natürlich diese eigene Stimme von Eric Reed Boucher (oder besser bekannt als Jello Biafra). Gleich zu Beginn ließ Herr Biafra den Absperraum vor der Bühne öffnen und später ließ sich die US Punklegende dann von den Stagedivern anstecken und sprang selber in die Menge. Die Setlist enthielt auch ein paar Dead Kennedys Klassiker und der Mob dankte es. Zwischen den Liedern gab es politische Ansagen und Anregungen zum Nachdenken.
Der Auftritt war ein echtes Highlight und ich hoffe mein Konzertfotos auch!!!
Unter anderem gab es die Lieder: New Feudalism / The Terror Of Tinytown / Electronic Plantation / California Über Alles / Three Strikes / Dot Com Monte Carlo / Holiday In Cambodia / Police Truck / I Won’t Give Up

Welcome to Brescia! Unbelievable, through a lucky coincidence I was able to make it to Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine playing at the festa di radio onda d’urto in Brescia (Italy). And it was amazing what Kimo Ball (Guitar), Jan Weiss (Drums), Ralph Spight (Guitar), Andrew Weiss (Bass) and Jello Biafra (Voice) were performing on stage. A really great concert. lots of songs I did not know (from their upcoming new album The Audacity Of Hype) and happy me and happy Brescia audience, some old Dead Kennedys hits. Mr. Biafra did his stage acting and after having a lots of stage divers around, he jumped into the audience himself. And here are some concert photos from this Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine gig.
Have you once been able to see them live?

Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine 27.08.2009 The Audacity Of Hype Tourposter

Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine Tourposter

Tourposter von Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine vom Brescia Konzert beim Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto. Hier kannst Du dich zu den Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine Konzertbildern klicken.

The Audacity Of Hype tour poster from Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine. Pictures from the JBATGSOM show in Brescia at the Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto are here.

Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto 12. – 28.08.2010 Poster

Poster vom Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto in Brescia, welches vom 12. – 28.08.2010 stattgefunden hat

Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto - Brescia 2010 - Poster

Lineup: Calibro 35, Guano Padano, Marydolls, Maderik, Anthony B., Ovlov, Luca Andreoni, Tying Tiffany, T.H.O.C, Yu-No, Don Turbolento, Cochabamba, Dance Or Die, Teatro 19, New Dress, Lele Battista, Buzzcocks, Dome La Muerta And The Diggers, Riccobellis, Cronofobia, Alborosie, Good Vibe Styla, Pink Holy Days, Kailas, The Gaslight Anthem, Van Cleef Continental, Blake, Cek De Luxe, Sick Tamburo, Fraulein Rottermaier, 4 Axid Butchers, I Gnari, Il Teatro Degli Orrori, Zu, Bologna Violenta, Plan De Fuga, Moogg, 99 Posse, Signor K, Italian Farmer, Astio, Kuji, Resho, Fresh Sound, Big D And The Kids Table, The Lazy Bastards, Edipo, Andrea Rivera, Dave Mc Adam & Band, Giuliano Dottori, 8 Cricca, NoFx, L’Invasione Degli Omini Verdi, Talco, Rivelardes, Totale Apatia, Duracel, Geosinclinals, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Jet Set Roger, Les:Petits:Enfants/Terriblez, Rien, Nina Zilli, Home, Angela Kinczly, Rice And Curry, Africa Unite, Edwood, Isaia E L’Orchestra Di Radio Clochard, Baustelle, Perturbazione, Simona Gretchen, Raindrops.

Buzzcocks 16.08.2010 Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto Brescia


Die Jungs Steve Diggle und Pete Shelley sind nun auch schon viele Jahre aktiv im Namen des Punk. 1978 gab es sogar Chartplatzierungen für die Buzzcocks. Seit dem gibt es immer wieder neue Platten und alle drehen sich um Punk Rock mit viel Melodie. Jetzt beim Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto konnte ich die Buzzcocks mal wieder live sehen und auch ein paar Fotos machen. Steve macht richtig Show mit seiner Gitarre und Jumps gibt es auch! Gutes Konzert was richtig Spaß gemacht hat und die Setliste war auch gespickt mit den großen Hits. Buzzcocks live in Brescia, mille grazie.

Here are some concert photos from the fabulous Buzzcocks. I was lucky to catch them live at the Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto in Brescia – Italy. Pete Shelley + Steve Diggle and the rest played a great gig and Rock The Cam was even able to get some Jump pictures from Steve Diggle. After years around it is always a pleasure to get these Buzzcocks guys live again.

Van Cleef Continental 18.08.2010 Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto Brescia

Van Cleef Continental

Van Cleef Continental sind aus Brescia und bestehen aus Blodio (Gitarre), Van Cleef (Bass Gesang), Lady Cortéz (Keyboard) und Helgast (Schlagzeug). Van Cleef Continental hatten das Glück beim Festa di Radio Onda d’Urto vor The Gaslight Anthem zu spielen. Korrekte Rockmusik und einige Ansagen auf Italienisch, die ich natürlich nicht verstanden habe.

Coming from Brescia Van Cleef Continental were the lucky ones to open up this evening for The Gaslight Anthem. Van Cleef Continental are Andrea Van Cleef (bass and vocals), Lady Cortez (keyboard) Blodio (guitar) plus Helgast (drums) and they play OK rock music.

Blake 18.08.2010 Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto Brescia


Da kam ich beim Festival an und eine Band namens Blake stand schon auf der Bühne. Blake sind aus Brescia – Norditalien und bestehen aus Giacomo Marchi (Gitarre), Matteo Morbio (Gitarre + Gesang), Giacomo Schena (Schlagzeug) plus Marco Monici (Bass). Irgendwie habe ich die nicht so richtig mitbekommen, mit verspätet ankommen, Zeugs richten, vorgehen usw. Ich erinnere mich noch an unspektakuläre aber dennoch gute Rockmusik, mit einem Fundament aus dem Punk kommend. Wow das klingt klasse, also Konzertfotos von Blake beim Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto gibt es jetzt hier für dich.

My second day in the year 2010 at the Festa Di Radio Onda D’Urto started with Blake. Blake is a music group from northern Italy and the band members are: Matteo Morbio (Voice + Guitar), Marco Monici (Bass), Giacomo Schena (Drums) and Giacomo Marchi (Guitar). Rock music with a Punk fundament.