Kill It Kid 24.10.2014 interview Stephanie Ward – Chris Turpin

You Owe everything to Kill It Kid?

If you did not hear about Kill It Kid from UK, please check out their page and listen to their songs. And if you do, be sure to catch them on stage.

After I have seen them playing at the fantastic Atomic Café in Munich (what a good gig) I was able to meet them backstage for a little interview. Although I refused to eat their Pizza, Stephanie Ward and Chris Turpin gave me some minutes: a friendly gang they are.

Kill It Kid Stephanie Ward Kill It Kid - Chris Turpin

RTC: If your music would be a film, what kind/ genre would it be?
KIK: A road movie for sure!

RTC: Should your film entertain/ teach/ make something aware to the people?
KIK: It should leave you with an Ohhuuu
(What a funny Ohhuuu-face Stephanie was making to the sound of Ohhuuu)

RTC: Should your music entertain/ teach/ make something aware to the people?
KIK: Stephanie smiling
The music of Kill It Kid should leave you with an Ohhuuu (and now Stephanie and Chris smiling all over the face)

RTC: Why should more people listen to Kill It Kid?
KIK: Because the music on the radio is shit (Fast answer from Chris)

Then we had a little discussion being filled with noise from people/ movement in the backstage room about Kill It Kid leaving Bath and that the best club there burned down and the other good one is/ was The Nest (?) and as well the famous last question I did not get completely (unfortunately).

RTC: Imagine you are god and you can set up a festival, name me your five headliners (even dead people or dissolved bands):

KIK: Antony Jones + Billy Armstrong together
Aretha Franklin
Led Zeppelin

Kill It Kid Stephanie Ward

Ahhh by the way, they have a new LP out on Sire Record which is called You Owe Nothing and you should consider to purchase the yummy vinyl version! I did…

Kill It Kid LP You Owe Nothing


Kill It Kid 24.10.2014 Atomic Café München

Kill It Kid

Schade, das Atomic Café in München ist nicht mehr; Freude, denn meine letzte Band live an diesem schönen Ort hat richtig Spaß gemacht. Es spielten Kill It Kid aus England und die wissen was sie tun. Tolle Mischung aus wie steht es so schön in Wikipedia: Blues Grunge Americana. Dazu Frau / Mann Gesang und in den Songs viel Emotionen. Hat live zwischendurch schön gekracht, was ich ja schon auch mag. Stephanie Ward, Chris Turpin, Dom Kozubik und Marc Jones alias Kill It Kid sind live zu empfehlen, am Start haben KIK auch ein neues Album namens You Owe Nothing.
Kurzes Interview mit Stephanie und Chris ist bald auch hier zu finden.

What a pity, the Atomic Cafe in Munich closed down. No pity was my last show in this missed place. I was able to catch Kill It Kid from England live on stage and they know what they do! On Wikipedia their music style is revered to as blues, grunge, americana (whatever this means). Nice are the changing vocals from Chris Turpin and Stephanie Ward and overall, they rock and mostly they sound raw. They have a new record out called You Owe Nothing and my advice to you is, see them live. KIK kick!
Short interview with Chris and Stephanie will be on Rock The Cam soon.