RIVAL SCHOOLS – Used For Glue – The Island Def Jam Music Group

The Island Def Jam Music Group LC 002268 588965-7 2002

Was les ich da? Rival Schools haben ein neues Album und kommen wieder auf Tour? Sau geil, zur Freude gleich mal zur Singlekiste gegangen und die 2002 Used For Glue herausgeholt. Einfach eine starke Nummer von Walter Schreifels, Sammy Siegler, Ian Love, Cache Tolman. Auf der B-Seite ist dann The Sweet, was im direkten Vergleich etwas schwächer ist. Und dann? Dann natürlich das Album reingezogen und Freude!

RIVAL SCHOOLS - Used For Glue Vinyl Cover

What do I read here? Walter Schreifels and Rival Schools have a new LP? And are back on tour? Great news! So I fetched the Used For Glue 7” out of the box and it is just a great song. The Sweet on the b-side is not as good but still better than lots of other music around. What follows? Getting the album out and let it play on and on. This was a really great one and listening to it over again, it is still a great one.