Jessica Hernandez And The Deltas 22.04.2015 Zenith München

Jessica Hernandez And The Deltas

Das war mal was, als Vorgruppe bei Social Distortion gab es Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas. Und was die aufgetischt haben, hat mir schon gut gefallen. Abwechslungsreich und rockig, was erzählte der Typ neben mir? „So wie Amy Winehouse nur mit mehr Schwung“; kann ich so stehenlassen. Also wenn die Detroit Connection alias Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas deine Heimatstadt aufsucht, dann geh die live anschauen!

Wednesday night in Munich and Social Distortion in town at the Zenith and before it was Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas from Detroit, and I was impressed. I liked what Jessica Hernandez and her boys were doing. Different music styles and always a touch of rock. What did this tattooed-one next to me say? „Hey like Amy Winehouse but with more pep“. So if Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas are hitting your town, you should go and see them live.

The Jessica Hernandez interview is here for you.

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