Leatherface 09.06.2011 Alte Hackerei Karlsruhe


Was soll ich da denn noch groß schreiben? Habe mir gestern Leatherface in München angeschaut und schwupps gleich drauf nochmals hier in Karlsruhe in der Alte Hackerei. Ach ja, das Konzert in München war klasse, aber das hier in Karlsruhe war sogar noch ne Spur besser. Danke Frankie Stubbs, Dickie Hammond, Graeme Philliskirk und Stephan Musch, danke Alte Hackerei und ….

What should I write here? I saw Leatherface yesterday in Munich and the concert was ace and a day later I got them in Karlsruhe. Great place the Alte Hackerei, great band Leatherface and the gig was even a bit better than in Munich.

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  • Arnolda Springstead

    It is ages that I saw Leatherface. Came across your web site showing me that I should see them again when they are around.

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