Much The Same 06.08.2019 Franken Berlin

Much The Same

Irgendwie sind Much The Same (bei uns) nicht so bekannt. Die gab es mal, dann wieder nicht und jetzt sind Much The Same mit neuer Platte (Everything is fine) zurück. Also ab nach Berlin ins Franken und die Jungs aus Chicago angeschaut. Hat gerockt was Christopher Gunner McGrath, Dan O’Gorman, Jevin Kaye und Franky Tsoukalas gezeigt haben. Melodischer pop skate punk rock.

Somehow Much The Same are not so well known here in Europe, they dissolved once and now Much The Same are back, on tour supporting the new album called Everything Is Fine. Took the train to Berlin to watch them play at Franken bar. Small place but good crowd and even more important, good band performing. Dan O’Gorman, Jevin Kaye, Chris Gunner McGrath and Franky Tsoukalas did a good show and kicked it with their melodic skate pop punk rock music.

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