Straightline 06.08.2019 Franken Berlin


Straightline aus München, wo ich sie bisher nie live sehen konnte haben bei Ihrem Auftritt im Franken in Berlin aber so richtig Alarm gemacht. Geil, hat mir sehr getaugt, Skate Punk Trash und ich habe mich jung und frisch gefühlt, so wie damals halt bei den ganzen Jugendtreff Konzerten. Starker Sound und fette Aktion von Bart, Herzna, Mosi und Enric alias Straightline auf der Minibühne.

Straightline are from Munich, but I was never able to catch them there. Read about them, listened to their music and finally got to see them live. And let me tell you, Straightline did really do alarm on stage. The stage at Franken in Berlin is quite small, the place was quite hot but all this did not matter, Straightline kicked it. Cool old school punk trash songs and lots of action, jumps and a lot of jumps (as you know I am quite easy to get, give me a good sound, action and jumps, let me have a picture of a jump and Rock The Cam is happy). To come to a dramatically ending: Straightline got me with this live performance. Thanks Bart, Herzna, Mosi and Enric.

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