Ribozyme 16.04.2013 interview Kjartan Ericsson

I met Kjartan Ericsson from the Norwegian band Ribozyme after the Munich show which they played together with Trail Of Dead. A little talk, some pictures and afterwards some questions and answers via mail.

Kjartan Ericsson from Ribozyme Kjartan Ericsson interview picture

News about Ribozyme and life on tour

RTC: Who are you?
K: Kjartan Ericsson, Ribozyme.

RTC: What is your job in the band?
K: Guitar and vocals.

RTC: Who else is in the band and doing what?
K: Bård Bøge, bass and vocals. Cato Olaisen, drums.

RTC: Was it your first time in Munich?
K: Yes.

RTC: How did you like it?
K: Loved it! Best city on the tour.

RTC: Did you have the possibility to see something in Munich or just the club?
K: We took a walk around the city. It was a good day. Nice now when the spring is here.

RTC: On tour, do you sometimes have the chance to do some sightseeing or is there no time for that?
K: We often have time. I love to travel and I always try to see the places we go.

RTC: How is it to travel the world with Trail Of Dead?
K: We learn so much about playing good live shows and how to entertain the crowd.
And they are great guys to hang with.

RTC: Please let me know your personal highlight of this tour?
K: Think I must say playing full house shows in general has been amazing on this tour. The crowd that follows Trail has embraced us much more than we expected.

RTC: And now give me an embarrassing story of Ribozyme’s tour life?
K: Playing in front of 3 persons in a Mc club in Norway is the most embarrassing thing I’ve done.

Why listen to them?

RTC: Why should more people listen to Ribozyme?
K: Hopefully they will hear good songs and a band that sounds good!!

RTC: How does your mother/father describes your music to their neighbors?
K: They probably say that it is too darn loud!!

RTC: and what is your description?
K: Hard rock.

How it all started and more about work life

RTC: What made you start playing music (did you see someone and thought; oh cool I wanna do this as well)?
K: I listened to Soundgarden, Pearl jam and Alice in chains. Those bands were the reason for me starting a band.
After that I have broadened my taste in music.

RTC: If not being a musician, what would you like to be (astronaut, police man, football star)?
K: An art painter

RTC: Can you make a living out of your music? What else do you work?
K: I do some radio hosting and run a demo record studio for youngsters.

RTC: The song (out there) you wished to have written?
K: Bohemian rhapsody

Records, bands, wine and no groupies

RTC: You still remember your first record you bought?
K: Yea. Think it was Mega dance.

RTC: And the last one?
K: Cancer bats, Dead set on living.

RTC: Are you a record collector?
K:No not really.

RTC: Any band you want to do some namedropping for? If yes, name and why:
K: Not really. Check out Blood command from Norway!!!

RTC: Any tip/s for a new band what they should do / think about in their music career?
K: Focus on making music you love and don’t believe that there is any other way than hard work.

RTC: While being on tour, how do you keep yourself and your voice in form?
K: I don’t smoke and I try to limit my alcohol abuse.

RTC: Beer, wine, champagne or water?
K: Wine

RTC: Is it true that the singer gets all the groupies, give us some inside information ;-)
K: It is not so. I think drummers always get the groupies, the weird ones.

The god festival question

RTC: Imagine you are god and you are able to set up a festival of your choice (even dead people or dissolved bands), name me the five headliners:
1: Ribozyme
3:Led Zeppelin
5:Jimmi Hendrix

Kjartan Ribozyme Ericsson

Yes, and after I have seen the show in Munich (check the Ribozyme pix here) I could imagine seeing them playing alone on this imaginary festival.

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