Ribozyme 16.04.2013 interview Kjartan Ericsson

I met Kjartan Ericsson from the Norwegian band Ribozyme after the Munich show which they played together with Trail Of Dead. A little talk, some pictures and afterwards some questions and answers via mail.

Kjartan Ericsson from Ribozyme Kjartan Ericsson interview picture

News about Ribozyme and life on tour

RTC: Who are you?
K: Kjartan Ericsson, Ribozyme.

RTC: What is your job in the band?
K: Guitar and vocals.

RTC: Who else is in the band and doing what?
K: Bård Bøge, bass and vocals. Cato Olaisen, drums.

RTC: Was it your first time in Munich?
K: Yes.

RTC: How did you like it?
K: Loved it! Best city on the tour.

RTC: Did you have the possibility to see something in Munich or just the club?
K: We took a walk around the city. It was a good day. Nice now when the spring is here.

RTC: On tour, do you sometimes have the chance to do some sightseeing or is there no time for that?
K: We often have time. I love to travel and I always try to see the places we go.

RTC: How is it to travel the world with Trail Of Dead?
K: We learn so much about playing good live shows and how to entertain the crowd.
And they are great guys to hang with.

RTC: Please let me know your personal highlight of this tour?
K: Think I must say playing full house shows in general has been amazing on this tour. The crowd that follows Trail has embraced us much more than we expected.

RTC: And now give me an embarrassing story of Ribozyme’s tour life?
K: Playing in front of 3 persons in a Mc club in Norway is the most embarrassing thing I’ve done.

Why listen to them?

RTC: Why should more people listen to Ribozyme?
K: Hopefully they will hear good songs and a band that sounds good!!

RTC: How does your mother/father describes your music to their neighbors?
K: They probably say that it is too darn loud!!

RTC: and what is your description?
K: Hard rock.

How it all started and more about work life

RTC: What made you start playing music (did you see someone and thought; oh cool I wanna do this as well)?
K: I listened to Soundgarden, Pearl jam and Alice in chains. Those bands were the reason for me starting a band.
After that I have broadened my taste in music.

RTC: If not being a musician, what would you like to be (astronaut, police man, football star)?
K: An art painter

RTC: Can you make a living out of your music? What else do you work?
K: I do some radio hosting and run a demo record studio for youngsters.

RTC: The song (out there) you wished to have written?
K: Bohemian rhapsody

Records, bands, wine and no groupies

RTC: You still remember your first record you bought?
K: Yea. Think it was Mega dance.

RTC: And the last one?
K: Cancer bats, Dead set on living.

RTC: Are you a record collector?
K:No not really.

RTC: Any band you want to do some namedropping for? If yes, name and why:
K: Not really. Check out Blood command from Norway!!!

RTC: Any tip/s for a new band what they should do / think about in their music career?
K: Focus on making music you love and don’t believe that there is any other way than hard work.

RTC: While being on tour, how do you keep yourself and your voice in form?
K: I don’t smoke and I try to limit my alcohol abuse.

RTC: Beer, wine, champagne or water?
K: Wine

RTC: Is it true that the singer gets all the groupies, give us some inside information ;-)
K: It is not so. I think drummers always get the groupies, the weird ones.

The god festival question

RTC: Imagine you are god and you are able to set up a festival of your choice (even dead people or dissolved bands), name me the five headliners:
1: Ribozyme
3:Led Zeppelin
5:Jimmi Hendrix

Kjartan Ribozyme Ericsson

Yes, and after I have seen the show in Munich (check the Ribozyme pix here) I could imagine seeing them playing alone on this imaginary festival.


Ribozyme 12.04.2013 Strom München


Aus Norwegen kommt die Band Ribozyme und geben tut es die Jungs auch schon eine ganze Weile, laut Nachschauen seit 1998. Bisher waren mir Ribozyme unbekannt, doch der gute Auftritt war ein schönes Guten Tag. Im Strom in München konnten Kjartan Ericsson, Bård Bøge und Cato Olaisen als Vorband von Trail Of Dead nicht nur mir gefallen, denn auch große Teile des Publikums schienen Gefallen gefunden zu haben. Ich fand Ribozyme „klang“ größer als für den kleinen Club. Gute Rockschiene ohne sich anzubiedern und die Stimme hat mich so manchmal an Eddie Vedder und/ oder Layne Staley erinnert.

Ribozyme are a band coming from Norway. Since a while they are around (1998) but somehow never showed up on my radar. It changed on this night cause Ribozyme played before Trail Of Dead. Kjartan Ericsson, Cato Olaisen and Bård Bøge did a good job and the audience at the Strom in Munich liked it. Good rock music without being too radio. And I found that the voice of Kjartan was quite interesting, sounded like more to come.

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