Saganaki Bomb Squad 04.04.2014 Churchill’s Pub Miami

Saganaki Bomb Squad

Wow, die Saganaki Bomb Squad waren die Vorband für den Hauptact Mephiskapheles und wow, die haben mich ja mal live richtig weggeblasen. Das war besser als gut! Der Sänger Morgan Landreth ging ja mal voll ab und die Band ging einfach mal mit. Richtig gute Laune was Saganaki Bomb Squad da in Churchill’s Pub in Miami gezeigt hat!

Yeah, Saganaki Bomb Squad has been the opener for the main act Mephiskapheles and yeah, they really brought this place to explode! This was a really good show! The singer Morgan Landreth went wild and the band just went with him. Really really enjoyed seeing Saganaki Bomb Squad live at Churchill’s Pub in Miami.

3 comments to Saganaki Bomb Squad 04.04.2014 Churchill’s Pub Miami

  • Hello! This is Sean from Saganaki Bomb Squad. We love these pictures and would like to ask your permission to post some of them on the band website. Is that OK with you?

    Excellent pics, and thanks!


  • Hector Mc Ghurr


    cool to read about the band. Not really known they are outside of Florida, still Saganaki Bomb Squad are a great live band.
    And nice pictures; I love Churchill’s Pub.

    Hector Mc Ska Ghurr

  • The Allegra Applonie

    Perfect just what I was searching for!
    To see the pictures makes me happy to see the band!

    The Allegra Applonie

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