Fat Randall 06.08.2019 Franken Berlin

Fat Randall

Aus Dubai kommen Fat Randall und vom Sound her kann man die Band aber getrost in die California good-times melodic skate pop-punk Epitaph/ Fat Wreck Ecke stecken. Im kleinen feinen Franken in Berlin durften Fat Randall vor Straightline und Much The Same auf die Bühne. Bestehen tut die Band aus Ray Ferrer, Paul Coutts und Romario Fernando plus unbekannte Nummer vier.

From Dubai to the Franken in Berlin: Fat Randall. Guess I have never seen a band from Dubai before, guess most of the audience had their first Dubai music live contact as well The sound of Fat Randall is the skate pop punk and fitted well as opener to Straightline and Much The Same. Band members are Romario Fernando, Ray Ferrer and Paul Coutts plus unknown Nr. 4.


Much The Same – Straightline 06.08.2019 Berlin Franken tour poster

Much The Same and Straightline and Fat Randall – Franken – Berlin

Wirklich wahr, ein Foto für dich vom Much The Same / Straightline / Fat Randall Konzertposter, vom kleinen, feinen Gig in Berlin im Franken.

und hier die Much The Same Konzertfotos gefolgt von den Straightline Konzertfotos und den Fat Randall Bildern.

Much The Same / Straightline / Fat Randall

Nice that you want to make lookie lookie at the Much The Same / Straightline / Fat Randall concert poster you see here.

even nicer to see the Much The Same concert photos and the Straightline pictures plus the Fat Randall gig photos, oh yes it is.